Research ON THE FIELD today with Hilary and Bernard Barker of Mid-Torrie Farm in Callander, Scotland. They graciously spent a few hours with us, sharing their 36 years of experience in raising Longhorn Highland Coo (gaelic for cow). They had a calf that was just born 22 hrs old, it licked Rene’s hand. Linda brushed a Highland coo out in the field….YES they have very long horns, but these coo have been handled while young and they obviously trusted Hilary and Bernard. Their inquisitive noses tried to search our pockets for treats, and they bent their heads low to the ground while being brushed.  AGAIN, MORE, DONT STOP.  It was very windy today and cold, so afterwards we retreated to their house for tea and shortbread. Bernard then showed us the treasures that he had dug up from a recent renovation on the land…old coins, pipes, buckles. So much history in Scotland. 

Check out their website. They have a holiday cottage rental, beef sales and beautiful Highland Coo Art by Hilary

This photo features “Roddy” short for Roderick.  He is an 8 year old bull.  Notice the horns. The bulls have the shorter horns that point forward. The cows have the extra long horns that point upward.

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imageA beautiful sunny day to search out the Folk Museum in the wee village of Killin, but to no avail.  Temporarily sidetracted by a wee bridge that was calling  Rene’s name, we encountered a Scottish Nana walking on the narrow bridge towards the island.  She had moved over so that we could drive past her, but Marinda thought that she might be able to direct us. “Rene, ask her where the museum is?”, says Marinda (aka Linda)

In her endearing scottish accent she told us that she used to volunteer at the Folk Museum, but alas it was not operating any more.  Seeing our disappointment she was quick to point out that across the bridge and beyond the distant stand of trees was a castle ruin that we should explore. Linda innoscently asked if there were any MacGregors around?  OH! She exclaimed with a disturbed voice, “this is a MacNab Island, they were NOT friends with the MacGregors.”  Oopps, faux- pa?

 But then she smiled with a twinkle in her eye, and said, “Many MacGregors now live in the village of Killin, and even a store is owned by a MacGregor family called MacGregors Market“.  Marinda breathed a wee sigh of relief.  Another treasure, this Nana was a gem that we fortuitously encountered.


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